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ISO big box games:

Maniac Mansion (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Zak McKracken (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Last Crusade (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Loom (IBM floppy 3,5" English)
Secret of Monkey Island (any, English)
Sam & Max (any, English)
Full Throttle (PC CD-rom, English, standard sized box preferred)
ISO hint books and inserts:

Zak McKracken hint book
Loom hint book
Fate of Atlantis hint book
Day of the Tentacle hint book and reference card (IBM floppy)
Curse of Monkey Island strategy guide
ISO Adventurer and other:

Adventurer issues that would have gone with releases of games, anything could be of interest
Promotional/merchandise interesting items (f.e. S&M pen, pin badges, keychains/EfMI mug/FT Corley keychain/other)
Hint books outside of the above might be of interest
Trying to collect all the physical representations of objects from within the Monkey Island games as I can! Got the TMI Deluxe Edition box set, MI2 SE voodoo doll, and TMI voodoo card set, but I am still looking for the SMI SE T-shirt!
Hi, are you still searching for sealed games? I have Monkey Island 2 IBM 3,5" (UK), Grim fandango (French), Day of The Tentacle CD + Hint book IBM (US) and Sam & Max - Hit The Road + Hint Book IBM(US).

Just in case you are interested.
Hi, I can sell both the posters for 185 Euro plus 35 of shipping costs. Total: 220 Euro. I think that's a fair price. Let me know...! Thanks
I know you propably decline but I would like to offer you $200 for the both posters (Maniac Mansion & Fate of Atlantis).
Hi I'm looking for Lucasart sound track Maniac Mansion C64 and labyrinth C64.
Tell me know
to pm

Sorry for the long response time. Atm I am selling the Lucas Arts Soundtrack. I want to have 50 Euros for it.

Which version of Labyrinth do you speak of?
Regards Martin
Can you please send me those pictures of the Dig Phone card, I can't see the on the forums anymore. My email is