Which Adventurer goes with which LucasArts game?


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I have bought quite some seperate Adventurer magazines on eBay and I also have quite a lot of LucasArts boxed games. In most boxes there was no adventurer magazine included when I bought them second hand. I now want to included adventurer magazines in the correct boxes as much as possible.

I can base myself on the release period of The Adventurer magazines and try to match them with the release of a particular game, but I am sure that there are people here on the forum who bought LucasArts boxed games when they were released and can tell me which Adventurer was in the box, right? I'd like to make a list to see what Adventurer goes with which game, based on trustworthy info from the collectors here.

I'll start with the only one I'm sure of: I bought Full Throttle (limited edition with mini strategy guide) back in the days and there Issue #10 was included. I also bought the CD version of FoA and there Issue #09 was included. So let's try to make a complete list here. Off course multiple games can be listed with a certain issue number. Please only reply if you are 100% sure the Adventurer was originally included in the box of a certain game!

- The Adventurer #01
- The Adventurer #02
- The Adventurer #03
- The Adventurer #04: Loom (CD version)
- The Adventurer #05: X-Wing Expansion: Imperial Pursuit
- The Adventurer #06: X-Wing Expansion: B-Wing
- The Adventurer #07
- The Adventurer #08
- The Adventurer #09: Indy Fate of Atlantis (Talkie CD version)
- The Adventurer #10: Full Throttle (Limited Edition)
- The Adventurer #11
- The Adventurer #12
- The Adventurer #14
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I tried looking into this a while ago myself, it's hard to organize these releases in that way, there are more variations on contents than is accounted for and I suspect will ever be accounted for. That's not to say it is not a noble attempt, and I'm glad to read about anything you might figure out.

Some releases did for sure come with a copy of an issue of The Adventurer, the only one I can attest to is my CD-rom Loom, which contains a copy of #4. The dates match up on these, and I bought it locally in Norway, making it rather unlikely that the seller bought a copy of the newsletter and added it in, but it will always be hard to tell as long as it is not promised on the box itself that there is a certain feelie inside.

Continous monitoring of games for sale might be an approach to try and make sense of it.


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I completely agree. It will be impossible to have a 100% complete list, because I assume that certain games were produced and sold for several months, so the early produced boxes might contain another Adventurer than the later produced boxes. And some produced boxes might not even contain an Adventurer at all.

So indeed, we can only try to do our best to gather as much info as possible. Sources I'm looking for (and as you also mentioned) are:
1. People that bought a game originally and can tell for sure which Adventurer was inclued.
2. Info on Mobygames (some games there also have pictures of an Adventurer, and let's assume these were originally inclued).
3. eBay listings of Lucasarts games where an Adventurer is included. We have to hope there that these were also originally included and not added afterwards to increase the value of the set.

For now I'd like to us number one as source. Then add info from Mobygames, and then maybe go check on eBay to add blanks (or double check what was already listed).

Anyway, thanks for your addition! I'll add it to the list!