This Museum's copy of Maniac Mansion Apple II First Release on eBay


I'm currently selling a very special copy of
Maniac Mansion - First Release for Apple II
on eBay:
This copy isn't just "some" copy of the First Release.
This copy is exactly the copy you can see here in the LucasArts Museum:
If you look closely, you can see for yourself that it's the identical copy. Look for the irregular tiny white areas on the red sticker on the front of the game box, and look for the tiny white fringes at the right edge of the sticker on the disk.
So, this is your chance to get this special copy! :)

I'm willing to ship worldwide. If you live outside of the European Union, please contact me on eBay for a shipping quote.

I'm also selling several other LucasArts games in English or German or French or Japanese.
Please have a look at the current list of my eBay auctions:

Best regards,
(eBay seller "dein.manfred")


As far as I remember, freddie owned this copy when he built the museum. At some point in time, he sold this copy to some collector (I think it was Petr Maruska), who later sold it to me.