The Secret of Monkey Island (blue version?)


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I´ve bought in the past a Monkey Island 1 sealed game and one open.
Both versions were from a LucasArts producers private collection.
When you take a look at the open Monkey Island box you can see that the color isn´t green but more blue/ purple all over the whole box. I thought it was from the sun but I have about 9 Monkey Island 1 boxes in various conditions but no one is purple like this one and.

Do you have ever seen such a box before or know if it´s a special version?
Monkey 1 sealed und open LowQ.jpg


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Hello Omar, thanks for reply!
I´ve looked under the sticker and it´s a sun damage ;)
Omar, you have a lot of Monkey Island things. I´m searching the Monkey Island bottle. Do you have one to sell or know someone who wants to sell it?


That EFMI grog was AWESOME! I think it was the holy grail of my LucasArts' promo items. And yes I got it from the one and only jacuzi.