The Dig Sam`s Build


Dig 2 museo.jpg

The Dig sams build museo.jpg

I`m trying to find more information about this rare and interesting edition: The Dig Sam`s Build.

There is a rumour that this edition was made for Sam`s Club warehouse store owned by Walmart and and named after Walmart`s founder Sam Walton. Can someone confirm this rumour or do you have some additional information about this neat release.

You can find one unboxing video of Sam`s Build on YouTube. The video is nice, but creator of this video isn`t sure if his copy has all the original content or not.. Here`s the link:

My copy is sealed and it`s weight is roughly 350 - 360 grams. I`m using two fishing scales and they are pretty accurate but a tiny error is possible. I have to check the weight with more accurate scale at some point. I`m curious to know how this edition`s weight compares with the weight of normal Dig box? Does someone have another sealed or open copies of this edition?


I got a new, and more accurate, digital scale today and and new result was 329 grams for my Sam`s Build box. So it seems to contain all the standard Dig box content. No astronaut icecream in this edition unfortunately :D

Thanks again Omar!