Sam & Max CD variant in Lucas Arts Archive vol.1


Does anyone know why (and exactly when) Lucas made different kinds of cd variants for their games in early 90s?

For example Sam & Max Hit the Road has two CD variations: one with Steve Purcell cover art and second "ungarnished silver" one you see in the pictures. Apparently Indy:Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Rebel Assault etc.. have same kind of silver CD variants too..

My Lucas Arts Archive vol.1 box contains one of those Sam & Max CD variants and I`m puzzled why? Have you ever seen this kind of sealed Archive box with Sam & Max or some other silver CDs inside?

hit the road 1.jpg

IMG_20180224_200537 2.jpg


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It`s normal to see the newer Disc variant with Purcell art on it in LucasArts Archives box. For some reason they have packed this with the older disc format. Have used older disc stock.