New New Beginning?


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Hi to everyone,
I love the retrogaming world... I loved and I'm still playing old-school games and adventure and I won't think to a black-hole for this Museum. As far as I see many sections are not longer updated but the spirit, the soul, it's still alive.
There is any way to make a now project by rewamping the contents now available?
As already wrote, I can give you the back-office but I'd like to make it as a original creator idea.


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Hi sev7en,

i'm new to the forum but of course I used the museum in the past to see what merchandise is available from LucasArts. ;)

It is a great idea to fill the differnt categories with new contents. As we all are collectors it is quite interesting to see what's available in the market and what other collectors have found. So, i'm up for it! :)


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I've felt this for a while, but I think this site needs to expand it's LucasArts catalogue and not be restricted to just their adventure games. They have so many other titles that deserve discussion, from their flight sims (SWOTL, Their Finest Hour, X-Wing, Tie Fighter etc), puzzle games (Nightshift, Pipe Dreams etc) and anything and everything in between.

From a collector's point of view, this site is fantastic for it's level of detail for their adventure games but I really wish this would extend further. Being a collector who doesn't just focus on their adventure games (I've always been a big fan of their flight sims), you'd be amazed at how little information there is out on the internet. So to have someplace like this for reference and discussion of the other games would be fantastic.

Unfortunately however I think it's a bit too late. It appears from the many dead picture links and eBay auctions I've seen that some of the well known collectors on here have moved on which is understandable. But who knows, maybe the recent demise of LucasArts will spark more interest in their old games and more collectors will come out of the woodwork.


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This topic has has been discussed several times on different threads. I cant find the post now but Freddie (creator and owner of this forum) stated that he has no intend to expand this forum nor to make it available to add new items anymore.

So I think the only way to create a museum that covers all the games / items would be to create it from a scratch by someone else. And then hope that it will get active users who will contribute information/knowledge/pictures to the database. I think that nearly all of the pictures seen on this museum were taken by Freddie from his own collection he used to have over 7 years ago when he sold everything.

Of course it is a shame that this is place is so dead but like said within the past few years several well known collectors retired and not so many new really hardcore/dedicated collectors have risen to replace them. Of course there are still collectors out there who wish to stay private and they own one hell of kind collections. Then there are people like Omar who has collected for a long time and just recently decided to go public and contribute his knowledge to the scene.

So by all means create something new and maybe it will activate many of the currently inactive collectors and lure in a lot of new collectors.


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I can make everything work again if I just take the time to do it. I will think about it and see what I can do sometime next week.