MM in DOTT - versions without Copy Protection


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This text was translated by google:


I played in the German version of MM (from DOTT on DOSBox). It was enhanced and the unprotected version of MM. Unfortunately, there is a bug (you can not send the manuscript and demo tapes).

Are other language versions run normally?


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Well there are plenty of languages that run but what i have been thinking is that what is that bug in that German Version of MM..if you could send the error repost maybe i would be able to figure something out.


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I found the patch repaired bug in German version. I'm not sure if it's official patch.

In the meantime, I checked several versions, and only in English worked without problems. Unfortunately, only the English version is an older version of MM (poor graphics and one slot to save).

Apparently ScummVM corrected these errors, probably because it does not use the EXE file.

Anyway, I already have a corrected German version running on DOSBox.