Max plushie petition

M'am N. Sax

New Member
Hi all! I'm quite new to the forums so feel free to tell me if I'm outta line on anything, but I really wanted to share the petition to bring back the Max plushie from Hashtag Collectibles, will it be considered as spam or something if I paste the link to it? Or otherwise, do you think it's out of place in the forums?

I've been a big Lucasarts point-and-click fan ever since my dad brought home The Secret Of Monkey Island when I was 6 yo in 1990, and am working on trying to make back the big box collection we had when I was a kid, and also collecting related memorabilia and merchandise. The collection is still quite small, I have the

SoMI cardboard sleeve CD-ROM
MI2 big box (PC)
Indy FoA big box (PC)
MI3 big box (PC)
as well as some jewel case and purple case versions of some of the others.

Will probably be posting in the trade/sell section eventually. And I'm crossing my fingers for a good deal coming through on Indy Last Crusade for Macintosh ($40!) It's missing the decoder, so I'll be looking for that for a while, I guess :)

Anyways, thanks for having me onboard!