LucasArts Lot for Sale


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Selling a PC copy of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure on ebay. Complete in box. There are no bids right now. Is my minimum bid of $45 too high?

Also selling a lot of Lucasarts games, manuals, and hint books. Everything is in great condition, but no bids yet. $65 starting bid.

Hopefully these links work. If not, just search for Indiana Jones Lucasarts Game or Lucasarts Lot or use my seller ID: Kaner711

Thanks for looking or for any advice. I will relist if these do not sell and I will take any helpful suggestions for proper price or desired pictures.

All of these hint books and manuals are in great condition.

I also have some other things not currently listed. Tons of Indiana Jones comics and collectibles, Monkey Island 1 on 5.25 floppy, and such..