Introduction post: Lincker


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Hi there,

I just joined and I'm so happy to be here.
Started pc gaming in 2005 with my girlfriend who's dad had a massive collection of games.
When he passed away I continued his collection and started to expand especially with Lucasarts
I love the sense of humor in lucasarts games.
My favorites are the monkey island series and day of the tentacle.
But I still have some on my playlist so maybe that will change :).

Latest purchases are a Dutch version Curse of Monkey Island and a box only of Zak McKracken (amiga). I have the loose content already. I'm waiting for them to artive soon.
This is a picture of my collection.

Pride and joy of my collection is the triangle Dott.
It is just beautiful.

One day I hope to have an ibm maniac mansion in my possession 1st or 2nd release and the fate of atlantis talkie version.

Nice to be here and to interact!


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Hi, welcome to the forum! Nice to hear the new member function works again.

And you have amazing collection!


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Thank you!
I love my lucasarts collection.
I also have a lot of Star Wars but that is actually not my cup of tea.
But then again why limit myself?
Next year I will move and have a display room to put all the big boxes.
Can't wait for that.

I'm happy that the new member error issue was picked up so quickly by a moderator after posting it on facebook.
Great job!
I hope the influx of new members can create more chatter in the forums.
I will check in regularly! :)