[For Trade] Monkey Island Statue ! (pics inside!)


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Very low starting price!


Hi guys,

I'm new on the forum, but I have a lot of references on the web, and an ebay account with 122 positive feedback. So, don't worry...!
I live in Italy (EU), but I can trade with all the world...!

I offer for trade this awesome and rare Statue, limited edition (only 1000 exist), out of production. The only one on Ebay.com cost 499 $... ! Here I'm offering it just for trade!

The statue is NEW, never opened !
Difficult to find in these conditions, all the statues that I've seen until now had the box totally scratched... This one is in very good condition !

I'm searching all the LucasArts Adventure, brand new sealed, USA release.

If you have something, please contact me by pm, and we talk about it...!
I can also add money, if necessary.

Thank you!
Kind Regards,



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Got the statue today and love it!
Everything is as promised! Thanks a lot Andy!

Highly recommend Andy for trades or making Lucasarts-business with :)