Few questions about the members favorite items


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Nice thread Omar!
I think you bought your two Day of The Tentacle magnets from me, and to make your copies seem even more rare I can say that they came to me from Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman ;)

Here are my answers.

A) Factory sealed triangular Day of The Tentacle:
I have never even owned an opened copy of this and as I fofus only on sealed copies this one would seem like the holy grail of sealed LucasArts games. I have only seen one mint condition sealed copy in a private collection and one badly crushed sealed copy sold on Ebay some years ago.

B) Zak McKracken Nose & Glass offer stand
This one in my opinion is by far the coolest item there is concerning LucasArts items. I have wanted it since I started collecting and thought I would never get one because the only copy I knew back then was not for sale. After getting this to myself I actually found a third copy too, but it seems a bit different than my copy and the one on Museum picture.

C) I think I would answer here the same one as in B with the same comments also. And I dont think this will ever change :)


A) Zak nose glass offer - that is just megarare and cool.
B) The Secret of Monkey Island EGA 5.25" - I searched that for quite long and I was very happy when I found one.
C) Sealed Full Throttle Bandana Edition - I had that in my previous collection. Just megarare and cool game.


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Actually the sealed Full Throttle bandana box had almost fully teared shrinkwrap on the backside and there seemed to be some cat nail marks also (or something similar). But the box itself had kept it shape nicely. Still it the only known sealed copy and 1 of only 5 ever found FT bandana boxes


A) What is the LucasFilm/LucasArts game item (promo, game, poster or etc.) you most desire/desired and why?
For me that must be the US 3.5" VGA version of indy (not kixx release or anything like that). I'm surprised this is so rare considering how convenient 3.5" is compared to the 5.25" and that somi VGA 3.5" for example is very common).

B) What is the item you were the most excited about adding to your collection and why?
That must be my somi VGA cd-rom CIB. I got it when I just had started collecting and I bought it cheap (and unseen) from amazon. I was excited to see what shape it was in when I received (cause I had no idea when I bought it, had to be quick so nobody else could grab it before my eyes) it and it was in great shape =)
I got the Loom cd-room version in a similar way later.

C) What's your favorite item currently/previously in your collection and why?
Difficult to choose so I'm not gonna answer this one =)