Fate of Atlantis Standee


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Here is some information of standee.
I talked with both William Eaken who created the art for the standee and was the lead artist on Indy FoA.
I also talked with James Dollar who was one of the main artists of the game and whom I got the standee from.

Here is what William Eaken had to say about the standee:

"Hello, Jarkko, yes I did the art. It was just for the standee. They made only about 1,000. The original was too much trouble to bring home, being almost full size, so I left it at Lucasarts way back. No idea where it is now. Kind of wish I held on to it. LOL"

Here is what James Dollar had to say about the standee:

The standee was made for the marketing department to promote the game at places like E3 or the consumer electronics show.
It was drawn by William Eaken ( he also drew the box cover) who was also the lead artist on Fate of Atlantis.
He copied the style of Drew Struzan who did all the movie posters for Spielberg and Lucas.
They only made 10 or so of the standees and gave one to each of the main artists on the project and used the rest at shows."

So they had very different kind of information of the numbers of the standee so I asked William again of that, and here is what he said:

Well, the plan was to make 1000 and have them in game stores, but maybe they didn't follow through. I honestly don't know. Good question. I'll ask around."

I have not heard of William after that, but it was only recently I talked with him so he might get back to me.
From James I got a good lead of whom to contact next who should have the fact of how many of those standees were actually made.

Anyways, the art has not been used anywhere else than the standee.