Comparison of various versions


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Thanks, that's some interesting information!
I guess the reprinted kixx diary is 13 pages instead of 64? That's how it appeared in 'Classic Adventures' compilation.


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There are a lot of different versions of game boxes with all sorts of various documentation.
So I'm going to post some random comparisons of versions here with some information relating to them.

If anybody needs information about any specific version/document feel free to ask.

Photos of games that are currently in my collection:

Pleas note though, I will not supply anyone with complete scans of documents or copies of the media... so don't ask...
I have a question regarding the AMIGA releases of Last Cruade. Do you know what exact content was supplied? I sold 2 copies and both didnt have the translation table and Im not sure it should be in there.


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Thank you. That was extremely helpful. Quick too. Can I be your friend? :)
Am doing some archiving myself too these days, mostly PC big boxes, think I got a few thousand photos now, so if you ever need a boxshot to compare...


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Maybe you can help me out with the following.
I recently purchased a copy of Beneath a Steel Sky, but there is a comic book which I cant place. Its smaller than the normal one and also has an introduction by Dave Gibbons. Do you know if it was especially made for the Amiga version?IMG_3056.jpg IMG_3057.jpg IMG_3058.jpg IMG_3059.jpg