Commodore 64 Complete Zak Mckracken Price check / selling


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Hello everyone, little back story my wife and I buy and sells items we find from thrift stores and yard sales. We started out ourselves as collectors of Nintendo NES games and turned our love of treasure hunting into a business. So now to the future, last week we found a huge lot of commodore 64 games along with a commodore SX-64. I have looked up all the games on Ebay and have them listed on Amazon for around the completed sold price that we found on Ebay. I have not listed the Zak Mckracken yet because we are not sure its value. We believe it to be complete or close to it. Below is what it has:
The Box with plastic still covering.
Two 5 1/4 floppies that have been tested and work
Special Offer paper
The Hint Book
A Reddish booklet that says Zap'em II exit visa security system
The getting started booklet
A newspaper The Adventurer Lucasfilm games Volume one number one
Another news paper Green writng The National Inquisitor.
All in very good condition. We are not sure what it is worth but know it is rare and has some value. Would love to see it go to a collector that has been looking for this. Any help would be great and thank you for your help. Sorry I sometimes get long winded and have poor grammer ^.^


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I try to avoid ebay or amazon. For such sellings you got the nice little forums around with the fans :).

Nice game btw. Several years ago a guy offered me the same for 25 Dollars ( he did not know the value) and I refused (whyyyy?). He later sold it for 125 Dollars. So I guess that game is worth around 200 now.