10 Adventures Lucasarts

Hi guys,

I am from the Netherlands and have a boxed, near mint copy of '10 Adventures Lucasarts'. I understand it is extremely rare and I might be willing to sell it. How much is this one going for nowadays? I can post photos with date, name, etc. in them.





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The German copies tend to be for a 100 euro on ebay but they won't sell.
Highest went for 70 or so.
I think the Dutch version could fetch around the same.
The Dutch market is a lot smaller but has the advantage the games itself will be in English.
So they can be played internationally.
Maybe a dedicated collector would try to complete a collection with this one.
So go for it on ebay
But if you gonna put it on marktplaats don't expect to much.
We Dutch want everything as a bargain. (So I'm still waiting for a cheap ass copy to surface on mp ;))
Veel succes!


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Do you have a picture of what is included? Does it include the "Hoogspel" magazine and the monkey island wheels?