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  1. m0rph

    Monkey Island double sticker IBM/AMIGA

    I just found a version of Monkey Island that has an IBM sticker covered by the Amiga one. Also, the bar code seems to be covered by a new one attached on Top. Red flag? The box content seems complete and it has 4 blue 3.5" floppies. Thanks in advance.
  2. m0rph

    Looking for The Secret of Monkey Island CIB

    I know is a long long shot but I'll try anyway...I'm looking to buy Monkey Island CIB any IBM version. It hasn't to be in perfect condition. If one of the big collectors here have one extra copy exceeded in their collection please let me know. Thank you.
  3. m0rph

    DoTT Media

    Hi all, just added my DoTT Box in the Media Gallery with an interesting and rare find ;-)
  4. m0rph

    DoT diapositive

    Hello, I just got a copy of DoT with some diapositive inside the box with in-game scenes. I never heard of them. Anybody knows anything about them? I tried to upload some pictures but the forum is giving me an error... Thanks.
  5. m0rph


    I found this copy of Sam&Max on Ebay....seems a legit copy but I'm not sure about the CD-Room in the jewel case...
  6. m0rph

    Grim Fandango employee copy No difference except for the sticker no for sale but interesting anyway.
  7. m0rph

    Anyone still trading?

    I'm looking for all Lucas Arts games except: - Indy and the last crusade - Full Throttle - Grim Fandango
  8. m0rph

    Labyrinth value

    I found online this copy of Labyrinth. The seller set the price to 350$ 1 month ago and now he reset the price to 200$. I know it's pretty rare and that's the first Lucas Arts game. Box has several scratches but the content seems to be complete. It's a Commodore 64 version. They ever did an IBM...
  9. m0rph

    Day of the tentacle CD-ROM version

    Me again! ;-) I'm looking at this DoT Big box CD-ROM version, I was wondering about release year...the disk is not the colored one...other than that it seems all in pretty good shape with some minor scratches...
  10. m0rph

    MI1 Slash edition

    How much do you think it's worth a The Secret of Monkey Island's budget edition(floppies) unsealed and in fair condition?
  11. m0rph

    MI2 black floppies

    Hello, anyone can tell me which version of Monkey Island 2 is this? Here on the Museum pictures, I see the original 1991 version that has grey floppies, this seems to have black floppies and the hint manual included. Is this version less valuable than the original one in term of collection...
  12. m0rph

    Indiana Jones LC EAD version

    Hello everyone, I bought this Indiana Jones and the last crusade and I was wondering if it's an original edition from 1989. I did not find it here on The Lucas Arts Museum but I did some research and I found out it should be been distributed by EAD, Electronic Arts Distribution was a 3rd party...