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    Which Adventurer goes with which LucasArts game?

    I have bought quite some seperate Adventurer magazines on eBay and I also have quite a lot of LucasArts boxed games. In most boxes there was no adventurer magazine included when I bought them second hand. I now want to included adventurer magazines in the correct boxes as much as possible. I...
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    Did The Lucasarts Archives Vol. 1 came with different disc holders?

    I own The Lucasarts Archives Volume 1 box and mine has a plastic tray holding de 6 discs. Now I've seen an eBay auction for the Vol. 1 box, but it seems to have a cardboard tray to hold the discs: So I want searching on google and find pictures of boxes with plastic trays and with cardboard...
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    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade question

    It's been a while since I was on this forum, but I have a question that I think only here I can find the answer. Plain and simple: was the VGA version of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ever been released in a big box version? I have a big box version, but it's only EGA / CGA. I also have the...
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    Hint book decoder?

    I just purchased the Hint Book for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but without the red decoder. Does someone know how the original decoder looked like? Was it a red film in white cardboard frame with the lucasfilm logo on it, like the ones included in many games, or was it just a red film...
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    For Sale: Monkey Island Bounty Pack in great state!

    I have a Monley Island Bounty Pack available. The outer box is in great shape. It only has a small tear at flap at the bottom left. But it's general condition is much better than most copies out there. The content is in perfect shape: manual has no creases or tears, and the discs are 100%...