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  1. m0rph

    Selling several Lucasfilm Games (Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Loom)...

    Do you still have Monkey Island IBM?
  2. m0rph

    Monkey Island double sticker IBM/AMIGA

    I just found online some pictures of Amiga releases with the same pattern at least for the IBM/AMIGA sticker. Anyone knows more details about it? It was just Lucas Films reusing IBM boxes to ship Amiga versions?
  3. m0rph

    Monkey Island double sticker IBM/AMIGA

    I just found a version of Monkey Island that has an IBM sticker covered by the Amiga one. Also, the bar code seems to be covered by a new one attached on Top. Red flag? The box content seems complete and it has 4 blue 3.5" floppies. Thanks in advance.
  4. m0rph

    Looking for The Secret of Monkey Island CIB

    Yes. That's actually good advice! I'll check it out. Thank you!
  5. m0rph

    Looking for The Secret of Monkey Island CIB

    I know is a long long shot but I'll try anyway...I'm looking to buy Monkey Island CIB any IBM version. It hasn't to be in perfect condition. If one of the big collectors here have one extra copy exceeded in their collection please let me know. Thank you.
  6. m0rph

    DoTT Media

    Thank you!
  7. m0rph

    DoTT Media

    Hi all, just added my DoTT Box in the Media Gallery with an interesting and rare find ;-)
  8. Day Of The Tentacle Transparencies

    Day Of The Tentacle Transparencies

    I've found inside a DoTT box these transparencies, they were sent to video games magazine as in-game "screenshot"!
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  13. m0rph

    Enough with the Spam

    Thanks for that!
  14. m0rph

    DoT diapositive

    Yea, I had the impression that they are only a small part. They are numbered, I have 3 of them and are numbered #4 #5 and #12
  15. m0rph

    DoT diapositive

    That's cool. Thanks for your reply. So they could be rare?
  16. m0rph

    DoT diapositive

    I've posted the pictures here:
  17. m0rph

    DoT diapositive

    Hello, I just got a copy of DoT with some diapositive inside the box with in-game scenes. I never heard of them. Anybody knows anything about them? I tried to upload some pictures but the forum is giving me an error... Thanks.
  18. m0rph

    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Wait, do you have direct contact with Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer???
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    Argh! As always, thank you.
  20. m0rph


    I found this copy of Sam&Max on Ebay....seems a legit copy but I'm not sure about the CD-Room in the jewel case...