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  1. SveinT

    Bits and bobs for MI2, FoA, and Last Crusade

    You can see a scan of the indy order form on the page I linked to in earlier post. Yes the two order forms you have pictured are different. The order form you marked AD2 is the one that was put in "early" boxes and is specific indy3. The one you marked AD 1 is not game specific and could come...
  2. SveinT

    Bits and bobs for MI2, FoA, and Last Crusade

    Contents of mine: 3 x 3.5“ Disks, Manual, Henry Jones Diary, LEC order form, The adventurer #1, Code viewer, Translation Table. Check out the picture:
  3. SveinT

    Day of the Tentacle 5.25" IBM USA disks

    4 of the disks are actually on ebay now: But its disks only and only disk 5 to 8 But they are proof of existence =)
  4. SveinT

    Few questions about the members favorite items

    A) What is the LucasFilm/LucasArts game item (promo, game, poster or etc.) you most desire/desired and why? For me that must be the US 3.5" VGA version of indy (not kixx release or anything like that). I'm surprised this is so rare considering how convenient 3.5" is compared to the 5.25" and...
  5. SveinT

    Rare 3.5" & 5.25" IBM USA version of Last Crusade

    Dont think its that rare. It seems like the "tandy" version that usually have that big white sticker on the back of the box.
  6. SveinT

    MI 2 in 5.25 360 Kb disks

    I agree, never seen a 360 kb 5.25" version of MI2.
  7. SveinT

    New Forum Software

    Sad that all the old threads are gone, they where a great resource for information.
  8. SveinT

    New Forum Software

    Good news freddie, looking forward to the new updateable museum =)
  9. SveinT

    The Great FM Towns Debate. Poll Time!!!

    I collect games with english packaging and that rules the FM-towns releases out for my part. Even though some of them have benefits over the english releases.
  10. SveinT

    Sam and Max Fridge Magnets

    Cool =)