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    Amiga sticker color

    Hello. As far as i know the US Amiga Version has a purple sticker. But what kind of version do we have here? Is this also an US version with a different sticker?,_The-1.jpg Edit: found it, seems to be the UK version. But i thought...
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    Different code wheels

    I have a question. I had two code wheels in a box. The big one seems to be the normal one. What does the little one belong to?
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    Original patch?

    Hello, does anyone know this patch on the second photo? I have never seen him. Is this official?
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    Looking for Monkey 1 Sega CD CIB and US VGA release

    Hi, i am looking for Monkey 1 Sega CD release and the US VGA release. Both should be CIB. Thank you Tony
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    Zak first and second release

    I saw this video on youtube. It is showing the first release. What does the matching box look like? I only know the enhanced version. At least my screenshots on the boxes show all the pictures of the enhanced version. Thx