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  1. jacuzi

    For sale a lot of sealed LucasArts games

    Have around 40 sealed LucasArts games for sale. Only looking to sell them as a lot, no duplicates. PM me if interested to hear more.
  2. jacuzi

    Ebay finds

    Some says its rare, so here is quite cheap copy I think? Last Crusade 3,5" EGA
  3. jacuzi

    Classic adventures label color

    I always thought that the LucasArts Classic adventures 3,5" release had the tan color label and the 5,25" release had the reddish color label. It seems that the 5,25" also comes with a tan color label as seen in the picture. I have never seen one with this color before, has anyone else? There...
  4. jacuzi

    Zak McKracken sweatshirt

    Found this cool Zak McKracken sweatshirt with similar kind of images than the t-shirt they sold at the company store. I think this was only given to some of the staff because I found it from one. I might be able to get this one along with the t-shirt, yay!!
  5. jacuzi

    The Dig Crew shirt

    Found out this cool The Dig shirt which was only given to only few of the people who worked on the game. I might be able to buy, or atleast I hope I can :)
  6. jacuzi

    Maniac Mansion sweatshirt

    Found a new shirt I have not seen before. Its Maniac Mansion sweatshirt with the similar kind of images than the t-shirt Maybe it was only given to the crew? Unfortunately I only found it from internet so I dont own it :(...
  7. jacuzi

    Secret of Monkey Island mousepad

    Anyone know if there was an official Secret of Monkey Island mousepad in Italy? Well I bought one as it was not so expensive, but was...
  8. jacuzi

    The origin of the Limited edition soundtrack

    I had a chat with Brian Moriarty yesterday and here is the origin story of the Loom limited edition soundtrack: " Only 1,000 copies of the Limited Edition Audio CD were manufactured. They were made for inclusion in the Loom press kit, distributed at the 1990 Consumer Electronics Show in Las...
  9. jacuzi

    LucasArts (and other) game design documents

    I talked with Aric Wilmunder today and he shared a link of his webpage which has a very large collection of game design documents. The work is till in progress so new documents will be uploaded to the site. Go and check it out, awesome source of information...
  10. jacuzi

    Sealed Fate of Atlantis Action Game I don´t personally believe that this is an original sealed box. But atleast the seller is selling it as sealed.
  11. jacuzi

    Sega advertisement Incase someone is interested. Not my auction
  12. jacuzi

    Grim Fandango remake

    So a remake was announced and nobody even linked it here :( It will be ps vita and ps4 only. Hopefully other games will get remakes too and they would come to PC too :)
  13. jacuzi

    MI2 Pre game advertisement on ebay

    I am a it surprised no one has bought thise yet because it seems like a very rare piece of history Now it says on the advertisement that...
  14. jacuzi

    Fate of Atlansi YoYo

    Hmm, this seems like an interesting item. Go ahead and grab it, very low buy it now :)