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  1. ym173

    Fate of Atlantis inserts

    That one does not look like a 1992 insert :) It does mention Windows 95, after all. So this is just a later print you have: earlier games remained in the LuacsArts catalogue for quite some years and could be ordered directly from the company while already absent from stores. The contents were...
  2. ym173

    Release dates?

    My EGA floppy disks are dated 24 May 1989 - that's usually the closest way to date a game :) Maybe someone has the original VGA disks to compare - mine are from 'Classic Adventures' compilation of September 1992 unfortunately.
  3. ym173

    Tseki's eBay findings

    Nice collection for sale :)
  4. ym173

    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Congratulations on selling it :) Yes, probably the 5th one was hidden under the 4th on that first picture.
  5. ym173

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone :)
  6. ym173

    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Tseki, only four disks?
  7. ym173

    Funny error in Adventurer subscription card

    Good notice, thanks! I see that I have such a subscription card as well - in 'Monkey Island 2' and in 'Fate of Atlantis'. But maybe it is not an error - they could have printed those standard card before they printed boxes for 'Monkey Island 2'. And it's first official name could indeed have...
  8. ym173

    Tseki's eBay findings

    That was nice - too bad the listing was ended by the seller 'because the item is no longer available'.
  9. ym173

    Comparison of various versions

    Thanks, that's some interesting information! I guess the reprinted kixx diary is 13 pages instead of 64? That's how it appeared in 'Classic Adventures' compilation.
  10. ym173

    Maniac Mansion inside Day of the Tentacle

    I don't think it could be called 'disabling' - ScummVM runs games through its own interpreter, and it just can't handle the game inside the game...
  11. ym173

    Maniac Mansion inside Day of the Tentacle

    Well, I think that it is much easier to play Maniac Mansion as a separate game. Besides, in English DoTT, poor Ed plays the original unenhanced Maniac of 1988, with worse graphics and only one save slot! It should be easier to find people who played Maniac Mansion inside Day of the Tentacle in...
  12. ym173

    Tseki's eBay findings

    Why, there is one for $10,000 (ten thousands): Worldwide shipping is available if anyone is interested :)
  13. ym173

    Day of the Tentacle Triangular Edition

    Tseki, do you know what's the story behind this edition? Why rare and why triangular? I don't have it of course, but even regular manuals and hintbooks are of unusual dimensions so they would fit in this box.
  14. ym173

    Roland Upgrade Disks

    You can see them on Sinar's site:[ORIGINAL].7z.jpg
  15. ym173

    Rare/signed/sealed/promo items on eBay

    Too bad those items were removed in less than a day...
  16. ym173

    Monkey Island Grog Bottle!

    harbrush, is it empty already? :)