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  1. LargoLe

    Non-Adventure Lucasfilm Games (Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus)

    Any love for these two early Lucasfilm releases? I remember seeing both these games played and displayed at a local shop growing up. I'm seeing the Atari 5200 versions and the costlier C64 clam shell versions online. Any info between the two? Dont we all wish we had access to a time machine...
  2. LargoLe

    Big Box Protection

    Not sure anyone has brought this up on here - the search forums didn't yield much... Due to the high costs of importing plastic cases as well as the varied sizes of game boxes, I've started storing my collection into archival bags. Huge thanks to the team at Big Box PC Game Collectors on...
  3. LargoLe

    WTB: Zak McKracken IBM CIB

    This might a long shot - but I'm on the lookout for a Zak McKracken CIB IBM Box.