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    Hello Eevryone How are u i am theressaMattews

    Hello Eevryone How are u i am theressaMattews
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    New New Beginning?

    Welcome to the corner..have a great time out here.
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    Rare Indy Last Crusade Adventure Bag-Version

    There aren't any pictures..i will look for the pictures before making any sort of purchase.
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    Feral Chicken Fridge Magnets

    They really look great man..two of them are shocked and the other two seem to be calm..what's the story.
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    MI 2 in 5.25 360 Kb disks

    Well i don't have one..gonna have to wait a bit more i guess..
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    MM in DOTT - versions without Copy Protection

    Well there are plenty of languages that run but what i have been thinking is that what is that bug in that German Version of MM..if you could send the error repost maybe i would be able to figure something out.
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    Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis 5.25 DD

    Well i liked the floppies better than the CD's..they were low on space but were at least resistant to scratches..