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  1. freddie


    I've installed the Media addon which allows you to create albums and upload photos and video. If you would like to share your collection, please try out the Media link up above.
  2. freddie

    Enough with the Spam

    Obviously I haven't paid any attention to this forum in a long time. I was completely unaware of the crazy spamming going on. It's over. I've deleted all of the spammers, removed their spam. In fact, I've deleted every user with 0 posts to weed out more accounts that might be spammers. I've...
  3. freddie

    Rogue Leaders book

    Is anyone in need of this book for their collection? I have a copy, I believe it is unopened. The author used some of my content for this book, per permission and the website is credited in the book. This is the copy that was sent to me by the author for allowing usage of our material. Please...
  4. freddie

    FS: Maniac Mansion Poster

    I discovered that I have an original Maniac Mansion poster still stored away. The poster is in excellent condition. It was sold by LucasArts a few years ago (maybe 5 or 6) from old stock that they discovered in their basement (or some room like that). It is the real deal. Looks like this (this...
  5. freddie

    New Forum Software

    I decided to move away from vBulletin and onto Xenforo to power the LucasArts Museum. You may find the new software a bit jarring but everything functions along the same lines. I am also planning to update the Museum pages. I will be moving away from my custom scripts, as I just don't have...