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  1. albatrosxxl

    [S] Maniac Mansion 3rd Release (Eurobox) IBM

    Hello mates, I´m searching Maniac Mansion for my collection. I need an IBM version in the big box in good conditions. If someone has a version to to sell or trade, you´re welcome to write me a PM :) Some games for trade/negotations you can find here: MY GAMES
  2. albatrosxxl

    Selling my LucasArts collection and Monkey Island T-Shirt

    Hi, I´m selling games of my collection. You can find some games now on ebay: some items Monkey Island T-shirt I´m trying to put every week-end some new stuff :)
  3. albatrosxxl

    Thimbleweed Park - ViewTron 3000™

    Hello, unfortunatelly I was too late and didn´t get this nice View Tron 3000. Maybe someone here has one or more of them and want to sell it or you know somebody who´s selling one? kr alba
  4. albatrosxxl

    some Lucas games for sale (Monkey, Indy, The dig etc.)

    Hey! I´m selling some Lucas games and other stuff on ebay (Germany): If someone is interested in, here is the link: If it doesn´t work you can search for example...
  5. albatrosxxl

    The Secret of Monkey Island (blue version?)

    I´ve bought in the past a Monkey Island 1 sealed game and one open. Both versions were from a LucasArts producers private collection. When you take a look at the open Monkey Island box you can see that the color isn´t green but more blue/ purple all over the whole box. I thought it was from the...
  6. albatrosxxl

    [I´m searching for] Monkey Island and Indiana Jones

    I´m still looking for some Monkey Island and Indiana Jones games to complete my collection. If anyone has one of the following games, you´re very welcome to contact me. Send me the price you want for it. I think we will come to an agreement. If you want to trade: I have for example a rare Tales...