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  1. simon

    Selling several LucasArts adventures (and hint books) on eBay

    Hi, I'm currently selling some of my LucasArts adventure games (and some hint books) on eBay: Maniac Mansion The Secret of Monkey Island Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Loom (French) Loom (with audio drama) (German) Loom (Japanese, PC Engine) Monkey Island 2: Le Chuck's Revenge Indiana Jones...
  2. simon

    This Museum's copy of Maniac Mansion Apple II First Release on eBay

    Hi, I'm currently selling a very special copy of Maniac Mansion - First Release for Apple II on eBay: This copy isn't just "some" copy of the First Release. This copy is exactly the copy you can see here in the LucasArts Museum...
  3. simon

    Brasilian / Portuguese LucasArts games on eBay

    Hi, I'm currently selling some Brasilian / Portuguese LucasArts games published by BraSoft on eBay: Grim Fandango: Full Throttle...