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  1. darksun777

    EFMI Drinking Coasters

    Hi, anyone has multiple coasters and would sell some of them? I would be happy about at least one... Greetings!
  2. darksun777

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017 Edition

    :) All the best for you and your families, whoever is reading this here. I can not get around to say - it is very sad this forum is quite dead, it seems there are only 2 active members left. Does anyone know where all the other Collectors moved to? Or aren't they active anywhere else ? My...
  3. darksun777

    WTB or Trade: Adventurer Magazines

    Hi there, anyone here who has some Adventurer issues for trade or sale? Thanks for looking.
  4. darksun777

    Want to buy: Monkey Island 2 FM-Towns