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  1. darksun777

    Looking for Monkey Island merchandise (tarots, pins)

    I am still looking, too ...
  2. darksun777

    EFMI Drinking Coasters

    100 o_O:cool:... i need only one for my shelf :)
  3. darksun777

    EFMI Drinking Coasters

    Hi, anyone has multiple coasters and would sell some of them? I would be happy about at least one... Greetings!
  4. darksun777

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017 Edition

    :) All the best for you and your families, whoever is reading this here. I can not get around to say - it is very sad this forum is quite dead, it seems there are only 2 active members left. Does anyone know where all the other Collectors moved to? Or aren't they active anywhere else ? My...
  5. darksun777

    Rare/signed/sealed/promo items on eBay

    Did anyone have ever seen a complete unpainted (black or white) MI Special Edition Statue? Very intresting that at least 100 should exist of them.
  6. darksun777

    Looking for Monkey Island merchandise (tarots, pins)

    I'm intrested in every kind of merchandising, too. If anyone have something for sale...PM me plz.
  7. darksun777

    Anyone have Labyrinth in collection?

    Two years old thread, i have the C64 Version in my collection
  8. darksun777

    Looking for Monkey Island merchandise (tarots, pins)

    Could you Show a Picture of those Pins?
  9. darksun777

    Tseki's eBay findings

    Very nice Loom Enhanced Edition:
  10. darksun777

    WTB or Trade: Adventurer Magazines

    Hi there, anyone here who has some Adventurer issues for trade or sale? Thanks for looking.
  11. darksun777

    Want to buy factory sealed Lucasfilm / Lucas Arts games

    This is real LucasArts porn! Wow!
  12. darksun777

    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Today i got the Monkey Island Special Edition Voodoo Doll (sealed) and the Monkey Island 2 HintBook :)