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    New New Beginning?

    Hi to everyone, I love the retrogaming world... I loved and I'm still playing old-school games and adventure and I won't think to a black-hole for this Museum. As far as I see many sections are not longer updated but the spirit, the soul, it's still alive. There is any way to make a now...
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    Italian stuff for the Museum

    jacuzi, thanks for getting me back sooner. So did we can move all to a new host and make it working again? I can offer my server as well as any related service (of course all @ are of the current owner) for free, to bring to life this piece of History.
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    Italian stuff for the Museum

    Dear friends, as far as I see on this, AWESOME Museum we miss the Italian stuff for The Dig. I have the first, original, boxed edition and I will pleased to share it. How and who should I contact? Cheers,