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    The Dig Novel variations

    These were sold separately though? Not part of the big box?
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    The Dig Novel variations

    I wasn't aware there were variants of a variant ;) But if there are, I'm interested!
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    WTB: Zak McKracken IBM CIB

    No takers? ;)
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    Zak McKracken two parts box model (in French)

    It was quite a long time ago, sadly some of those boxes have been packed into storage. I'll have to dig them up sometime.
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    Looking for The Secret of Monkey Island CIB

    Did you find a CIB box?
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    Zak McKracken two parts box model (in French)

    Superb work Guybrush! I’ve done a few these years ago so I understand the hard work that goes into this.
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    George Lucas signature

    This is a great post. I'd be curious about this too. Watching a few GDC docs, apparently George wasn't a big gamer, he would rarely show up to the Lucasfilm studio where the developers worked. But on the rare occassion when he did, he would watch the product demos and then if he liked it he...
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    Disney’s Use of Monkey Island

    That's exactly what they are doing - they are slowly taking bits and parts of the MI series and monetizing it in various ways (Pirates movies, increasing revenue for their Disney resorts via playing the theme songs for various Pirates rides, etc). Sadly I think we have lost the series to Disney...
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

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    The Dig Novel Edition

    Ah yes, saw that one immediately after it appeared. First reaction to the box, 'Yeugh!' Second reaction to the price, 'Yeouch!'
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    Non-Adventure Lucasfilm Games (Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus)

    Any love for these two early Lucasfilm releases? I remember seeing both these games played and displayed at a local shop growing up. I'm seeing the Atari 5200 versions and the costlier C64 clam shell versions online. Any info between the two? Dont we all wish we had access to a time machine...
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    Disney’s Use of Monkey Island

    That boils my blood! PS. that angry emoticon was for Disney using the Scumm Bar theme not re: your post ;)
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    The Dig Novel Edition

    I was able to recently score a complete 'Novel' variant - currently being shipped, let's hope it arrives in one piece...
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    MI2 black floppies

    I cant see the response. What was the difference between the black and grey floppies?