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    Full Throttle Bandana Edition

    i wonder what the number 635216 on the "free bandana inside" sticker refers to. afaik, there were only 5000 bandana edition copies made..?
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    Full Throttle Bandana Edition seller claims to have found this one at a thrift shop.
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    Japansese version of Loom?

    havent seen this before - let me know, if you consiser selling it and/or any other sealed lucas games - although the shrinkwrap looks strange :) these are my looms so farФото 24.12.15, 12 18 47.jpg?dl=0
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    Want to buy factory sealed Lucasfilm / Lucas Arts games

    Looking for factory sealed never opened big retail boxed games for Amiga, PC/IBM/Tandy, C64, Atari and Apple/MAC - mainly US/UK/AUS & GER releases, but not exclusively 1. Wing Commander & Privateer - any part & Kilrathi Saga 2. Monkey Island - any part & special editions / releases / packs 3...