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    Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017 Edition

    I think people have simply moved on. I think this would be a great subforum somewhere else but on its own there is just not enough interest
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    Grim Fandango Signature Edition

    If it helps someone offered me $1,000 USD for mine a few months ago. Sealed in box and acrylic display case of course i passed on that =P
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    jacuzzi cleaning everyone out as usual =P
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    Differences between retailer and LucasArts

    Grim signature edition along with Escape were both preorders specials from LEC online store. Funny I had some former members of the LEC development teams tell me they didnt even know signature editions existed!
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    Tseki's eBay findings

    thank you for posting and keeping this forum alive!
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    A sneak peek at my collection

    thought you had a grim fandango poster and standing manny display?
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    I grabbed those Grim Fandango cards too. Those will probably be the only physical items to ever come out of the re-release so nice to have :)
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    Grim Fandango Signature Edition and Real Signature

    Jacuzi! Always nice to hear from you =) We had some good times hitting up all the lucasarts employees. You pretty much cleaned them all out and found the most rare items lol. Whoever has them all now will probably be burried with all that in their grave
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    Grim Fandango Signature Edition and Real Signature

    The printed signature edition is just the rare signature edition which we all know of that few collectors have. The other copy with the silver sharpie was personally hand signed by Tim Schafer and he added some "Hello Nick" and "Viva La Revolotion!" to make to personal to me. The other signature...
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    Grim Fandango Signature Edition and Real Signature

    which one do you like more?? :)
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    Sony PlayStation Experience Grim Fandango (Queen of Clubs / Spades) collectors' cards

    very cool! got these myself as well....probably the only promo item to come out of the rerelease....well i have something else that no one else has that ill post shortly ;)
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    Grim Fandango Signature Edition, NIB!!!

    wow bargain price on this! I still have the screenshot from ebay where it sold for $900