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    Did The Lucasarts Archives Vol. 1 came with different disc holders?

    Hi Tomvdj! There are different versions of vol.1. You have a second release edition with plastic tray. Cardboard style version is the earlier one from the 1st. release round :)
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    Missing Monkey Island Items

    It`s so rare that it could be anything :D
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    George Lucas signature

    I assume that all of his signatures are somewhat rare, because George is like a hermit. He doesn`t like to be in crowds or with the fans at all :)
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    Your latest LucasArts purchases

    Corley Motors!
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    The Dig Novel Edition

    Another Novel Edition popped up to ebay today, but the box is in pretty rough shape.
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    The Dig Novel Edition

    Nice catch LargoLe! It`s quite heavy box, weighs 653 grams with that novel and all other things inside :)
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    MI2 black floppies

    Omar closed his account when this site was full of spam couple of months ago. We can`t see his responses anymore. Hopefully he decides to come back now :)
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    Missing Monkey Island Items

    Yep, museum lists are incomplete.
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    How well do you keep track of the items in your collection?

    Sounds good! Keep up the good work LargoLe :)
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    New Forum Software

    Freddie is not dead. He just updated the site ;)
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    Sam & Max CD variant in Lucas Arts Archive vol.1

    It`s normal to see the newer Disc variant with Purcell art on it in LucasArts Archives box. For some reason they have packed this with the older disc format. Have used older disc stock.
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    DoTT Media

    Great! Those diapositives were pretty neat find last year :)
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    Sam & Max stuff!

    New Sam & Max Freelance Police Action figure teasers from Boss Fight Studio. 6” Scale premium action figures of the classic FREELANCE POLICE duo! SAM includes removable hat, alternate heads, alternate hands, pistol weapon, orange non-brand specific frozen treat, and Max paper bag puppet! MAX...
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    Enough with the Spam

    Great news!! New life to this site :)