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Trying to collect all the physical representations of objects from within the Monkey Island games as I can! Got the TMI Deluxe Edition box set, MI2 SE voodoo doll, and TMI voodoo card set, but I am still looking for the SMI SE T-shirt!
Hi, are you still searching for sealed games? I have Monkey Island 2 IBM 3,5" (UK), Grim fandango (French), Day of The Tentacle CD + Hint book IBM (US) and Sam & Max - Hit The Road + Hint Book IBM(US).

Just in case you are interested.
Hi, I can sell both the posters for 185 Euro plus 35 of shipping costs. Total: 220 Euro. I think that's a fair price. Let me know...! Thanks
I know you propably decline but I would like to offer you $200 for the both posters (Maniac Mansion & Fate of Atlantis).
Hi I'm looking for Lucasart sound track Maniac Mansion C64 and labyrinth C64.
Tell me know
to pm

Sorry for the long response time. Atm I am selling the Lucas Arts Soundtrack. I want to have 50 Euros for it.

Which version of Labyrinth do you speak of?
Regards Martin
Can you please send me those pictures of the Dig Phone card, I can't see the on the forums anymore. My email is