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Big box games (EGA or VGA not very important):

Maniac Mansion (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Zak McKracken (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Last Crusade (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Loom (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Secret of Monkey Island (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Sam & Max (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Day of the Tentacle (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Full Throttle (PC CD-rom, English, large box preferred)
Manuals, hint book, inserts:

Last Crusade mailers/order form/inserts (excluding manual/diary/codes viewer/code sheet), hint book
Monkey Island 2 mailers/reference card/disc exchange form
Fate of Atlantis adventurer mailer, hint book
The Dig player's guide, novel
Curse of Monkey Island strategy guide
Adventurer and other:

Adventurer issues that would have gone with releases of games, anything could be of interest
Promotional/merchandise interesting items (f.e. S&M pen, pin badges, keychains/EfMI mug/FT Corley keychain/other)
Hint books outside of the above might be of interest
Trying to collect all the physical representations of objects from within the Monkey Island games as I can! Got the TMI Deluxe Edition box set, MI2 SE voodoo doll, and TMI voodoo card set, but I am still looking for the SMI SE T-shirt!