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ISO big box games:

Maniac Mansion (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Zak McKracken (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Last Crusade (IBM floppy 3,5", English)
Loom (any, English)
Secret of Monkey Island (any, English)
Sam & Max (any, English)
Full Throttle (PC CD-rom, English, standard sized box preferred)
ISO hint books and inserts:

Zak McKracken hint book
Fate of Atlantis hint book
Day of the Tentacle hint book and reference card (IBM floppy)
Curse of Monkey Island strategy guide
ISO Adventurer and other:

Adventurer issues that would have gone with releases of games, anything could be of interest
Promotional/merchandise interesting items (f.e. S&M pen, pin badges, keychains/EfMI mug/FT Corley keychain/other)
Hint books outside of the above might be of interest
Trying to collect all the physical representations of objects from within the Monkey Island games as I can! Got the TMI Deluxe Edition box set, MI2 SE voodoo doll, and TMI voodoo card set, but I am still looking for the SMI SE T-shirt!