Zak McKracken two parts box model (in French)


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Hi guys,

I've been working for a few days on creating a model for a two parts Zak McKracken Box. The model is supposed to be printed on a appropriate glossy paper, and then glued to a blank big box.

I've made the image modifications on Gimp, and then assembled everything using Powerpoint (I know it's not the best but I find it really easy to use)

I've tried to find the best quality images for every object, and proposed a model for the impression of the front and back of the box. Also it's translated in French, as I always wanted to have a French box for this game because the box was never translated.

I've managed to find the original green / red marble paper of the box on the internet, but unfortunately I wasn't able to have a good quality image of it, so I created a pattern. It looks very similar to the original one but with more variations of the texture.

As I wanted to include in the box the patched FM-Towns version, I wanted to make an adequat on-the-box sticker. I decided to consider it as an IBM CD-Rom compatible considering you can use ScummVM. It doesn't really make sense but I wanted to keep the original graphic aspect and still be relevant. Also I didn't know exactly what to write in the requirements, I tried something close to what I found on the Indy4 Cd-ROM sticker. Also I chosed a light bue color for the sticker.

You will see on the sides I put the Zak McKracken logo over a rectangle, as it's the case for most of the games. Also I'm not really sure about the colors, I set the background as beige to put forward the logo, and the border in an orange from the logo. It's similar to what you can find on the MI1 box, using beige on the background and purple on the border as it's the colour of the logo.

On the back, the little italic "trademarks" paragraph has been removed as it's now on the bottom on the box in a little rectangle. So I've replaced it with an additionnal phrase saying the game is an adapted version from the Fm Towns one.

I took the size of a MI2 box I had to create the size of the model, which would fit an approx 18,1x23,2x4,1cm top box. I didn't precisely try to print and glue the model on a box but it approximately fits from what I've been able to try with my lowcost printer.

The extra marbled paper on the oustide it there to be glued following a given procedure so that the paper fit the box. When you observe closely the sides, spines and inside on the box you can understand how to cut and glue.

You can find the models on the "Projects" page of my website (All the pages are not translated in English yet) :

Also you might not be really interested, but I made a translation of the manual in French and I'm working on the newspaper (just the two first pages for now).

The resolution available on the website is compressed so you won't be able to have an accurate zoom. I've not tried a good quality print but I think the original image quality is sufficient.

Hope you like it, don't hesitate to give me advice if you want to improve the creation !


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I would say you did a great job. You can see that you put in a lot of time and creativity. I think it's great when someone approaches a project with such energy. I really like the idea with the requirements on the sticker. The newspaper looks great, too.


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Thank you Ichich, I've also worked on the Maniac Mansion box. You can see the front on the website, I'm working on the back right now. I think I will also try to create Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Loom boxes.