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    This one is hard to solve. I asked about this and apparently this MI2 was personally received from the warehouse where Lucas staff hand-packed boxes. After that it has been in a same closet next 25 years and I`m inclined to believe the box is complete. But like you said, it`s hard to get 100% certainty and if it`s really a complete set, why they put only Company Store magazine inside and not complete Adventurer #3..?
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    I have no explanation why they'd only include it... maybe some strange deal with specific distributor?
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    The "red film" versions of the hint books is usually in the older releases, the newer the release more likely it's the "standard" version.
    I think they stopped using the red film around the time Fate of Atlantis was released, any hint books manufactured after that did not include it.

    For example, my "folded corner" version (much later run than the initial "glued corner" version) of Monkey Island 2 includes a "standard" version (was bought directly from the LucasArts store):

    If I had to guess, I'd say the "red film" version is included with this Monkey Island 2 copy (more likely, but not impossible it's the "standard" version).

    Monkey Island 1:

    Red Film:

    Monkey Island 2:

    Red Film:
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    It is red film version:

    MI2 Hintbook 1.jpg
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    Thank you for your information.

    This is my 'folded corner' version. This one came with the standard version of the hint book.
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    An other question.
    Did the hint book also come with the game, without the hint book enclosed sticker?
  8. Ahenobarbus

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    Good question. Like I said before, I`m inclined to believe the content in my box is all original but there is no "hint book enclosed" sticker :confused:
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    Usually a sticker was either placed on the box or sometimes on the seal to indicate if a hint book was included in the box... would guess some retailers must have added them to their copies themselves without adding any stickers (and possibly LucasArts when shipping directly to customers)... really hard to say with these old games. :)

    I've seen many USA copies that were distributed outside of USA that appear to have contained hint books without any stickers indicating it (seems more common).
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    Just got a few CIB Australian releases today:
    Grim Fandango, IBM CD.
    Sam & Max: Hit the Road, Mac CD (USA box).
    LucasArts Collectors Series: Monkey Island 1 & 2, IBM CD.
    EA Classics: Curse of Monkey Islands, IBM CD.
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    Finally got a good conditioned copy of the original Full Throttle poster.

    Also recently got:
    Full throttle (USA), "W/HB" (With ribbon and etc.)
    Loom "Bag" (USA), with a sticker variant on seal.
    GameStar 1/98 Magazine (DE), came with a copy of the Monkey Island 1 (full game on CD).
    Indiana Jones: Last Crusade (USA), Mac 3.5" (Folded corners).
    Day of The tentacle (FR), IBM CD (LucasArts Collection big box release)

    As always, there are some more items in transit.
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    Really nice additions yet again! Big thumbs up for the Original Full Throttle poster. I need that thing too :)
    What kind of sticker variant that Loom bag has?

    Two last months have been slow for me after that bigger haul, but I have some LucasArts related things in transit and will update here asap :)
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    Glad I was finally able to get it, Tseki offered me one a few years back... regretted not buying it from him ever since... :S

    My new Loom "bag" copy has an additional white/blue "LOOM CD-ROM" label on the seal.

    While the one I already owned does not:

    Game collecting is a marathon, not a race. Even a slow growing collection is still growing. :)
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    Sealed Triangle Day of The Tentacle from Tim Schafer himself. One of is last 4 remaining. He signed it and also added the DoTT promo fridge magnet and a note for me. After receiving it I sent it to Dave Grossman who also signed it and he added a neat "LucasArts insider" of DoTT game testing in pizza orgies :)
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  16. omar

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    Looks like you hit the mother load, very nice items. Congratulations. :)
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    October update --> some new LucasArts and LucasArts related additions:

    - Another Full Throttle Bandana scarf in great condition.
    - Full Throttle Remastered PlayStation Experience Card 2016 in mint condition.
    - Full Throttle / Dark Forces / Rebel Assault Demo CD (Sealed)
    - Sam & Max Comic Con 2015 Promo Keychain Set (both keychains) (sealed)
  18. omar

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    Very nice, you can never have too many bandannas. :)
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    Hi guys, I'm a young (22) french Lucasarts collector. I've always been regularly on the forum for the past 10 years but haven't really interacted with you.

    Do you have imgur (or equivalent) with all the photos of your collections ? I remember one of you had one available at a time. Also I remember the Maruska photo collection some years ago, it was nice to be able to see the different versions and their content.

    I'd also like to share with you my french collection with you : Feel free to send me your French versions photos if you'd like it to be added to the website !
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  20. omar

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    Nice collection.

    I used to have my entire collection on imgur, but I had fallen so far behind documenting my new additions I decided to disable the galleries... At least until I have the time to update them properly...

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