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Discussion in 'LucasArts' started by Tseki, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Really impressive list of treasures! I got that Rogue Leaders book too from jacuzi and started to read it a while ago. Nice history book, but adventure games are just one part of the cake there naturally.

    Who signed those signature copies and poster? One of my ultimate goals is to meet Mark Hamill and ask him to sign Full Throttle box for me. Maybe one day :)
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  2. omar

    omar Member

    I haven't read it yet, just looked over some of the artwork in it.
    Definitely on my list though. :)

    Full Thottle (Box + CD) was signed by Tim Schafer.
    Sam & Max: Hit the Road (Box) was signed by Sean Clark and Michael Stemmle.
    Fate of Atlantis poster was signed by Dave Dorman (the cover artist).

    Sam & Max sell sheet + posters by Steve Purcell.

    Man, I'd love to get a signed copy from Mark Hamill as well, I still remember the awe/shock while playing it for the first time when I realized it was him... maybe should have paid more attention to the credits. :)
  3. omar

    omar Member

    Here are some recent additions to my collection:

    Escape From Monkey Island, PS2(CIB), DE release.
    Fun Radio - La Compil Micro 3 (Includes MI1 and Indy3), IBM 3.5" (CIB), FR release.

    Also got a few items from simon:
    5 Pack (compilation that includes Zak, MM, Indy3 & Loom), IBM CD & IBM 3.5"(CIB), DE release.
    LucasArts Cartoon Adventures (compilation that includes DOTT & S&M), IBM CD(CIB), DE release.
    Games, Games, Games (compilation that includes Indy3), Amiga 3.5", DE release.
    Full Throttle, IBM CD (CIB), PT/BR release.

    Also got another Sam & Max: Freelance Police Decal.

    As always, there are more items on their way I'll post when they arrive.
  4. omar

    omar Member

    Few recent addition:
    Zehn Adventures, IBM CD (CIB), DE.
    The Dig Novel, Advanced Reading Copy, USA.
    Escape Monkey Island, PS2 (CIB), FR.
    La Fuga de Monkey Island, PS2 (CIB), ES.
    Zak McKracken, boxed french language version (USA box with "Toutes les Instructions sur l'écran sont en Francais" sticker), Atari ST, FR.

    Sam & Max: Police Freelance (New), FR (comic compilation).

    More items in transit.
  5. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Great catch again Omar! The Dig novel (in good condition) is in my target list too: should try to read it before the end of this year :) Original Sam & Max comic is also in my top priority purchase list, because I love Purcell`s art and characters he creates! And that brings to my mind Symbiote Studios` Sam&Max statue, another super cool collecting piece, which I would love to have :D Omar, do you happen to have one of those statues too? They were limited to 1000 piece if I remember right.
  6. omar

    omar Member

    If you're lazy you could always buy the Audio book version on cassettes... although finding a cassette player might be an issue now a days. :)

    I bought one, but due to its weight the seller wouldn't ship it to Iceland so he cancelled the sale... not had any luck getting one after that... only have the "bobble head" statues from symbiotes:

    I did manage to get the Monkey Island symbiotes statue though... so that's something... :)
  7. omar

    omar Member

    Quite a few variants on the Dig novel to choose from, these are the ones I have (haven't photographed the ARC copy yet)...





    Audio books:

    That crazy UK hardback being my favorite, just because of the insane graphics. :)
  8. omar

    omar Member

    Been a really slow month... even by my standards.

    But here are some recent additions:
    Grim Fandango, Spanish IBM Demo Disc (standalone).
    Fuga da Monkey Island, Italian PS2 first edition.

    Sadly some items got lost in transit and never arrived... but as always there are some other items in transit, so fingers crossed they arrive in good condition. :)

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