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Discussion in 'LucasArts' started by Tseki, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. omar

    omar Member

    Very nice, not every day you see that Chinese version of The Dig. :)
  2. omar

    omar Member

    A few recent additions:

    Loom, CIB Amiga UK release.
    The Dig, CIB IBM Italian release.
    Sam & Max: Hit the Road (printed requirements), CIB IBM USA release.

    Another copy of Grim Fandango (with a sealed soundtrack), CIB USA standard release.
    Another copy of Zak McKracken Atari (1st edition), UK release.

    Also got couple of games from jacuzi:
    The Dig, CIB IBM Italian release. Semi sealed with slight content/sticker variation.
    The Dig, CIB IBM Chinese release.

    As usual there are also a couple of items in transit. :)
  3. omar

    omar Member

    Monkey Island Special (IBM CD, CIB), DE Monkey Island compilation.
    Monkey Island 2 (5.25", CIB), FR first edition

    Full Throttle/Vollgas German sell sheet.

    French magazine poster collection including Secret of Monkey Island and Fate of Atlantis (size roughly A2).
    Looks like they duplicated the original posters (with crimps I might add) and added/removed some random parts of it.

    Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway. 1st edition hardback (not the telltale reprint).

    Also some rare beauties from jacuzi.
    Zak McKracken sweater.
    Zak McKracken t-shirt,
    Escape from Monkey Island (Quick Path Guide) with Free Curse of Monkey Island sticker (USA, NIB).
    Fate of Atlantis (printed requirements) with "Free Hintbook" sticker (USA, NIB)

    As usual, there are still some items in transit.
  4. freddie

    freddie Administrator Staff Member

    A sweater?
  5. jacuzi

    jacuzi Moderator Staff Member

    Sweater was only given to staff, it was not for sale. There is similar kind of sweater of Maniac Mansion. Check Maniac and Zak threads
  6. omar

    omar Member

    Finally got a copy of Secret of Monkey Island, Atari ST, CIB USA 1st edition release in amazing condition.

    Took me a while to get it, bought a CIB copy a few years back. But the seller only sent be the content of the original box crammed/damaged into a small shipping box... still to this date it haunts me... :)
  7. jacuzi

    jacuzi Moderator Staff Member

    Sealed Triangle box of Day of The Tentacle from former LucasArts president

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  8. chaosman

    chaosman New Member

    still cleaning out former employees i see =)
  9. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Here is my Lucas collection (and little more) today :) Not massively impressive yet but it`s growing steadily. I was tempted to bid Monkey Island grog bottles too yesterday but managed to control myself because they were already empty :D

    IMG_20180226_205152 museum.jpg

    IMG_20180226_205210 museum.jpg
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  10. jacuzi

    jacuzi Moderator Staff Member

    You have just started and already your sealed collection is pretty awesome
  11. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    True! I played my first Lucas adventure in early 90s and it was Maniac Mansion but yes I`m relatively new to collect game boxes and especially sealed ones. Super happy to own these already :)
  12. omar

    omar Member

    Nice looking collection, quite a few gems there :)
  13. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Thanks Omar :) That signed copy of Moebius is by the way one of my latest finds from local game store. It was prized 14,99€, so pretty good deal :D
  14. omar

    omar Member

    Not bad at all. :)
  15. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    uudet maaliskuu.jpg

    New additions and back to 1995!
    - The Dig Sam`s Build (sealed)
    - Full Throttle + Official Strategy Guide (sealed)
  16. omar

    omar Member

    Very nice additions . :)
  17. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    uutuudet maaliskuu museo.jpg

    New gems to my collection!
    - The Curse of Monkey Island + Official Players Guide
    - Loom (IBM PC, the actual first release)
    - Grim Fandango Signature Edition
    - Full Throttle Bandana

    Today was a good day :)
  18. omar

    omar Member

    Quite the haul, keep it up. :)
  19. Ahenobarbus

    Ahenobarbus Member

    Thanks Omar, I`ll do my best :)
  20. omar

    omar Member

    Been a while since I posted any new arrivals, but here are at least some of them:

    Grim Fandando: ES, IBM Big box (CIB)
    Grim Fandango: Asian release (NIB)
    Full Throttle: USA, Mac Big box (Signed)
    Fate of Atlantis: USA, original art poster (comic #1) (Signed)
    Fate of Atlantis: UK, Trident reprints (1-3)
    Loom: UK, IBM 5.25/3.5" combo (CIB)
    Maniac Mansion: UK, IBM 5.25(CIB)
    Sam & Max: Hit the Road: USA, Mac Big box (Signed)
    Rogue Leaders: The Story of Lucasarts book.
    LucasArts YoYo new in original packaging.

    Also got some more Sam & Max stuff:
    SDCC badges, signed TV series sell sheet and some signed posters.

    Also some more releases on their way (mostly German)

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