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I once had this very rare LucasArts' game. I bought it many years ago at eBay if I remember correctly but unfortunately I don't have this anymore. Post some comments of this very cool release.



How many copies of this was actually made? I`m curious to know how rare this edition actually is. It`s not so ridiculously prizy like Full Throttle Bandana but it seems to be (to my knowledge at least) almost as rare as that. I read that Bandana was limited to 5000 copies. I bought my sealed Dig+novel edition from Jacuzi (thanks again :) ) and apparently Tseki sold his copy to somewhere, so there is at least two of them still around :D

I would love to know if there are more collectors who have this cool Dig edition and some other thoughts too. Have you read the novel and how did you like it?


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This is rare, but not nearly as rare as the Full Throttle bandana. There is two known sealed copies of FT bandana + 5 or 6 open copies. Dig with novell is not so rare as open box, you can see it few times per year on Ebay. But your copy is the only sealed one I have seen.


I have couple of these, but I would not rank it as the rarest USA release. They're still quite rare and desirable though.
These were some of the later releases, presumably contained the books to try and boost the sales. Hard to say how many were sold... guess it depends on how successful the promotion was.

In my opinion, the rarest USA release would be "The survival kit". It had a complete copy of the game and a whole lot of other goodies in an outer box.
After that the "Phone card" release, that had a phone card you could use to call the hint line.
But after that release I would place the "Free novel" edition, but placing the shiny box version above the standard one.

There has also been talk of an actual holographic release/promo box, I.E. a box that has the front, inside left and right as different cover depending on the angel you view it at. I could have sworn I saw one when I was younger at a game store as a display item, and I recall a discussion on the forum about this box... but since it was so long ago and no copies have turned up it's only hearsay... if it would exist, I'd place it right after "The survival kit"...

I'm not going into depth about the other releases here, they all deserve their own thread.

I've never read the novel, I really need to get around doing it some day and see how it compares to the game itself. :)
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Yes! I'm doing a hapy dance.
I scored this incredibly cool box for only 19.99 euros.
I didn't know this version had a gatefold cover. It's awesome!
Unfortunately it wasn't complete. I'm missing about everything except game and game brochure.
Somebody know if there also is a strategy guide included?
It indicates it on the box.
I'm trying to find out what I have to piece together to make it complete.


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Good luck, the hard part's over. You've got a good conditioned box. The content can be cobbled together from various USA releases since this copy didn't contain any items that were just included with this specific release (I.E. the novel was also sold separately). :)


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I have another copy of The Dig. I might use that to fill up this baby.
But f.e. I have a white ref guide and not an orange...that's a bummer.
'Cause if I do it, it has to be right....