Selling NIB (sealed) MAC Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


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Hi everybody, i'm new here,
I am a big fan of lucasarts games, but playing them, not collecting them.
Fortunately for you collectors however, i'm selling my copy of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.
It's a sealed, new in box Macintosh CD-ROM.
it's the Big Box enhanced 'Talkie" edition with the "free hint book enclosed" sticker
It's in very nice condition, with no dents or scratches, barring a tiny (1cm round) hole in the plastic seal at the back (no damage on the exposed section of original box)
i am not sure of the country it was originally sold in as i came across it in new zealand where i live,
although maybe an afficionado could figure it out from the retail barcode?
please have a look at my Imgur album for pictures-
I'm selling this here as i do not have an ebay account. in New Zealand ebay is mostly overlooked in favour of our local website, TradeMe.
i have an account on trademe with 46 feedback, if you want to check.

i can post a dummy auction for verification if needed.
please reply in this thread or PM me if you're interested.
i can post internationally at your expense and can accept Bitcoin or Paypal for payment

Thanks for reading!