Sam & Max: Hit the Road 3.5" USA // The Adventurer #8

Discussion in 'Sam & Max: Hit the Road' started by Tseki, May 5, 2016.

  1. Tseki

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    I think I have never seen Sam & Max: Hit the Road 3.5" USA without RSAC sticker and with The Adventurer #8 but it seems to exist. The seller claims that it's missing some inserts but 5.25" disk trade might be discontinued at the current time and the offered game might be complete? What do you think Omar?
  2. omar

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    I think this is the first time I see a IBM 3.5" USA release that came with an Adventurer #8 (#7 and #9 much more common).
    Makes sense that it would be without the "RSAC" sticker like the first edition IBM CD version (that came with the Adventurer #8 as well).

    The floppies look like the Adventurer #9 release, and considering the CD version was released at the same time (and they were about to discontinue making floppy disk game versions), I would assume they stopped including the trade offer in this batch (I.E. from and including 1994).

    Hope this makes some sense,
  3. Tseki

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    Thank you again!

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