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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by omar, May 20, 2014.

  1. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Who knows. Dathreep has not been very active lately (is he even a member anymore?). Maybe he couple of those or selling his last copy. Anyway it's very nice box and I'd say it's selling for a reasonable price.
  2. omar

    omar Member

    Another Triangle box along with some other nice items... most notably the one that's in this museum judging by the slight water/discoloration damage on the bottom and top left on the front:

    Also some other nice collections he's selling, a bit too much for my taste but who knows.... this might tickle someone's fancy here:
    Maniac Mansion: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231801158795
    Full Throttle: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231801157801

    And looks like there are more to come...
  3. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    I saw that too. Very nice items. I might be interested in something.
  4. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

  5. omar

    omar Member

  6. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Very nice deal for $15. Thanks omar the man for sharing this.
  7. omar

    omar Member

    Escape from Monkey Island: Signature Edition (NIB):

    The box is badly crushed/damaged and there's are tears in the seal. But it might be worth 140 USD for some collectors due to how rare it is (especially sealed copies).
  8. omar

    omar Member

    A seller on eBay is listing a bunch of NIB LucasArts games, if anyone is looking...

    Among them:

    Curse of Monkey Island (PC), USA Archive Box:

    Curse of Monkey Island (PC), FR case:

    Escape from Monkey Island (PC), USA Hint Book Box:

    Escape from Monkey Island (PC), USA Archive Box:

    Escape from Monkey Island (Mac), USA Box:

    Escape from Monkey Island (PC), IT Box:

    Escape from Monkey Island (PC), DE Box:

    The Dig (PC), USA Box (Not for resale):

    The Dig (Mac), USA Box (Not for resale):

    Adventure Pack (PC), DE Box:

    Indiana Jones Adventure Kit (PC), DE Box:
  9. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Thanks for sharing omar!
  10. omar

    omar Member

    The ultra, incredibly rare "Survival Kit" of "The Dig" has finally showed up at auction... get your wallets ready!

    I'd love to own it, but the price is a bit more than I'm willing to pay (since I already own copies of the items inside and would pretty much just be buying it for the paper box).
  11. jacuzi

    jacuzi Moderator Staff Member

    And it is not a complete box as it is missing the astronaut ice cream :)
  12. omar

    omar Member

    Something tells me that ice cream was eaten the instance the box was opened. :)

    Really looking forward to see how much it goes for. :)
  13. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Saw that Survival Kit too. This is the first time I saw that for sale. Not going to bid but I will check out how high it goes.
  14. omar

    omar Member

    That survival kit sold for a lot less than I expected... still a bit more than I was willing to spend. :)
  15. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    I would have guessed a much higher price too. I hope it went to good home :)
  16. omar

    omar Member

    Looks like this one is going to sell for cheap:

    CIB LucasArts Classic Adventures, 3.5"(USA) with the rare print error on the box (look at the bottom right on the front part of the box):
  17. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    It's now $49.99 buy it now if someone wants it.
  18. omar

    omar Member

  19. Tseki

    Tseki Guest

    Someone got a nice and cheap deal, that 3D poster is very cool.
  20. omar

    omar Member

    It's finally happened, one of the collectors holy grails has popped up at auction...

    A sealed Full Throttle Bandanna Edition:

    Time to mortgage your houses...

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