Rare 384k release of Zak McKracken



Standard / common release of Zak McKracken is 256k release with 2x 5.25" disks and 1x 3.5" disk but there is also a rarer 384k version with 3x 5.25" & 2x 3.5" disks. I never had this 384k release, just the 256k version but it was complete.

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This release seems to be rare indeed.
I have the 384k 3x 5.25" & 2x 3.5" version but without the box. The corresponding sticker is from what I found on the internet : 266

I also found an image of the box with a blue sticker, though it's the first time I've ever seen the box with this sticker, it's the 384k 5,25" : 267

I never came across a box with a 384k 3,5" only sticker. I know we had a 3,5" 384k release in France but I've always seen the box with any sticker (with the printed-on-the-box amiga). Do you guys know if this sticker exists ?

Fyi, French 3,5" only and 5,25" only versions without any stickers :



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I've made some research and Zak stickers seems to be the same as Maniac Mansion v3 two parts box ones. So I'm guessing the corresponding 3,5" 384k sticker for Zak would be the same as this one :