Monkey Island double sticker IBM/AMIGA


I just found a version of Monkey Island that has an IBM sticker covered by the Amiga one.
Also, the bar code seems to be covered by a new one attached on Top. Red flag?
The box content seems complete and it has 4 blue 3.5" floppies.

Thanks in advance.



I just found online some pictures of Amiga releases with the same pattern at least for the IBM/AMIGA sticker.
Anyone knows more details about it? It was just Lucas Films reusing IBM boxes to ship Amiga versions?


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As far as I know, MI1 boxes have no sticker (understand "printed on the box sticker") only for IBM 5.25" and Macintosh floppies versions. For all other versions (Amiga, Atari ST, IBM 3.5", IBM VGA, ...), the boxes are the IBM 5,25" ones with the corresponding sticker.

Some stickers are quite transparent as the one you showed, so you can see the original IBM 5,25" "printed on the box sticker", which is not a sticker actually.