Monkey Island Cloth Map


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hi everyone.

If i'm not wrong, i remeber that there exists a cloth map for the game "escape from monkey island" and it was available with one of the asian releases. Can anyone confirm this information or has pictures of the cloth map?

I only got the one from the "tales of monkey island deluxe edition"...

many thanks!


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So as someone who collects all physical representations of objects from within the world of the games (like the MI2 voodoo doll and TMI tarot cards), how upset should I be that I’ll never find this map? Or, since it has all those out-of-universe logos all over the front, as opposed to the Gulf of Melange cloth map from TMI which has no logo or the SMI Treasure of Mêlée Island T-shirt and TMI piece of eight coin which only have logos on the backs as branding, does it count more as merely a printout of the game’s logo screen, perhaps falling more into cool poster territory than authentic map territory?