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  1. m0rph

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    anyone can tell me which version of Monkey Island 2 is this? Here on the Museum pictures, I see the original 1991 version that has grey floppies, this seems to have black floppies and the hint manual included. Is this version less valuable than the original one in term of collection? Thanks in advance.

  2. omar

    omar Member

    This is a later USA "folded corners" release, I.E. they changed the box from the old glued corners and the labels from the ones that folded over the top.

    I have a similar copy in my collection (different sicker placement):

    They were also released without the hint books (the hint book in this box was bought separately):

    The "Free Hint book" USA sticker version is much more desirable/rarer of the two, but many collectors want the first releases of these games and that would be the "glued corners" versions (although this release is quite rarer then them).

    The 3.5" USA "glued corner" floppies came in at least 2 color variants (don't remember if there were more)


  3. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

    Wow man, you are a living Lucas Films/art game encyclopedia!
    Thanks a lot. I'm trying to create my little collection.

    Can I ask you how your passion started?
    Someone in other forums told me that probably you have the world largest Lucas arts collection!
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  4. omar

    omar Member

    I'm always glad seeing new collectors pop up and seeing their collections grow over time. :)

    There's not really an interesting origin story behind my passion...

    The main reason it started is that I enjoy collecting, researching and organizing things...
    About 15 years ago (maybe more) I started collecting big box versions of the adventure games I used to play as a kid.
    As the collection grew, I shifted my focus towards the LucasFilm/LucasArts games since they had some of the best memories from my childhood.

    Originally I just had one copy of each game, but as time went on I found more and more different versions I wanted.
    And since I had the storage space and money I decided to go all in. :)

    Took a break from collecting for a few years while I was saving up for my house, but otherwise kept looking and buying any "new" item I found.

    When I was most active I was adding at least 1 "new" item per day to the collection... now it's quite a bit harder to find any new items, so it's down to a couple a month.

    Not quite the wolverine origin story, but it's something... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If I have the largest LucasArts collection it's only because of all the other collectors that helped it grow by selling me rare items from their own collections... quite a few of them current and former members of this forum (they know who they are). :)
  5. m0rph

    m0rph New Member

    Thanks for your answer.

    Well, I started only a few weeks ago for the same reasons, mainly childhood memories. I'm collecting adventure
    games in general (like the longest journey, Blade Runner, Broken Sword, etc) but I would like to complete (at least one copy/version) all Lucas Arts collection from Labyrinth to Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island.

    So far I got Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Indiana Jones and the last crusade...it is a long journey but I'm enjoying it. Probably you'll see future post from me :p
  6. omar

    omar Member

    I can see you're collecting the same games I had in my original collection, just hope you don't go overboard with it like some of us... :p

    A great start of a collection right there, looking forward to see any new additions. :)

    Collecting these games is all about patience... quite a few versions that took me over 10 years of looking to finally add to my collection... hopefully your collection will grow at a faster pace than that though. :)

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