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    anyone can tell me which version of Monkey Island 2 is this? Here on the Museum pictures, I see the original 1991 version that has grey floppies, this seems to have black floppies and the hint manual included. Is this version less valuable than the original one in term of collection? Thanks in advance.

  2. m0rph

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    Wow man, you are a living Lucas Films/art game encyclopedia!
    Thanks a lot. I'm trying to create my little collection.

    Can I ask you how your passion started?
    Someone in other forums told me that probably you have the world largest Lucas arts collection!
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  3. m0rph

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    Thanks for your answer.

    Well, I started only a few weeks ago for the same reasons, mainly childhood memories. I'm collecting adventure
    games in general (like the longest journey, Blade Runner, Broken Sword, etc) but I would like to complete (at least one copy/version) all Lucas Arts collection from Labyrinth to Grim Fandango and Escape from Monkey Island.

    So far I got Monkey Island, Full Throttle and Indiana Jones and the last crusade...it is a long journey but I'm enjoying it. Probably you'll see future post from me :p

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